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Where is this taking place ?

In the chocolate factory, where else! 26, King's Inn Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.


Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th Of November 2015.

What time do I need to be there at?

09:00 on Satuday and 10:00 on Sunday.

How do I get to the Chocolate factory?

On both mornings we will walking as a group from the Castle hotel.We leave at hotel at 08:40 on Saturday.We will leave at 9:40 on Sunday.It's a 10 minute walk..If you are making your own way there see the map below.

How do I get to and from the airport?

Get the Airlink 747 bus to O’ Connell Street. Buy your ticket from the driver, Single €6, return €10, The bus leaves every 15 mins and takes 30-40 mins dependent on traffic (timetable).If there are 3 or 4 in your party a taxi is an slightly faster alternative.The taxi fare should be €30-€40.

I got off the bus now how do I get to the hotel?

It's a 5 minute walk north , the route is indicated on the map below.Basically: cross the road, walk north (away from the big pointy thing(The Spire).Take the 4th road on your right,Gardner Row.The hotel should be in front of you.

Is the beer really free?

Yes, help yourself :)

Oh this isn't lager, it's stout! How do I pour it?

This is how!

Help, I need a map!!! Here you go.

How do I get back on Saturday night?

Get a taxi, Don't walk!A taxi back to the hotel should cost you around €10.

I can't find a taxi?

Phone one +353 (0)1 6772222

I've a problem,who can I contact?

Phone or text Danny +353 (0)86 0591387 , Pedro +353 (0)86 2189087

Where are the shops?

Bring lots of money, Dublin isn't cheap! Check the map, shopping areas are marked in yellow.

Where are the tourist sights?

Check the map, the major tourist sights are maked in red.

I'm in trouble, where is the nearest Norwegian embassy?

Royal Norwegian Embassy,34 Molesworth Street,Dublin 2, Ireland.


Friday 6th Nov

20:30 Group draw and beers(Castle Hotel)

Saturday 7th Nov

08:40 Leave from Castle hotel
09:00 Doors open
09:00 registration & Opening ceremony
09:30 Group games begin
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Group games recommence
18:00* Group games finish
20:00 Party!

Sunday 8th Nov

09:40 Leave from Castle hotel
10:00 Doors open
10:00 WC Round 2 / Silver cup
14:00 Lunch
14:30 Games restart
16:00 * Big screen games
18:00 * Closing ceremony ends. Game Over

* times are approx :)